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If you want restaurant success, hear what others are saying:

“While online commenters rave about the food, I can’t get over how creatively this little chain has managed its social media.” Melinda F. Emerson, The New York Times

A co-founder and managing partner at Evolution, Brendan has spent the past 20 years as an investor and manager of businesses ranging from manufacturing to financial services. @Brendan_Andersn

“I do not “read” many books these days, as I prefer to listen while I exercise, but as I was packing up for my family’s spring break this year, I knew that I would have some beach time so I threw Misty Young’s book, From Rags to Restaurants, in my suitcase. It was a great decision! My copy of the physical book now has 11 dog-eared pages and 114 hand written notes.” See Brendan’s review: From Rags to Restaurants Review

Featured in The New York Times

See our second feature in The New York Times

“When I started coaching with Misty, I had no idea how to run a profitable restaurant.  With her help, I developed a training program from scratch, created an operations manual, and got a handle on my financials.  I am even able to take some time off.  We began saving and making more money.” Terri Klapperich, Wildflower Café, Cleveland Wisconsin

“Misty’s grasp of social media and marketing have made all the difference in our business. I got her book as soon as it came out and read it fast, I’ve been using her ideas from the moment I saw them!” Maria Struik from Roosters Diner/Dixie Lee North, Canada

“Misty’s book and coaching has given me tools, knowledge and the support to help me grow our business from one to three locations.  Her generosity in sharing her experiences and her always willingness to help has earned her hero status in my book!” Denica Freitas, CEO, Denica’s Cafe Dublin, California

“Misty’s book “From Rags to Restaurants” has rejuvenated my love for the game of running our restaurants! Thank you for the inspiration and amazing support Misty!” Andrea Wexelblatt, Blind Onion Pizza & Pub / Wild Garlic Pizza & Pub Reno, Nevada

I’ve unlocked the secrets to restaurant success and profit:

I’m a restaurant owner just like you. I’ve unlocked the secrets to restaurant success and profit and have grown my company, the Squeeze In from one location to four, fifth on the way and now franchising — all the while thrilling guests and increasing revenues nearly 8 fold in the process. I know exactly what it takes, I’ve done it. Now I help other independent restaurant owners make money and enjoy their lives more fully.

My clients and I work with top line strategies such as a loyalty program and marketing and promotions, to bottom line operational and financial strategies, menu design and development, even training systems designed to deliver you the massive restaurant success you know you’re capable of!

Let me help you get to your restaurant success and profit. I know right where it is, with extremely satisfied guests!

Restaurant success: I’ll help you work smarter, not harder.

I know how defeating it is to work yourself to “bone tired” kindly serving each guest with a smile — taking calls from vendors and merchant credit card processing companies (I have a solution that can not only SAVE you money, but MAKES you money on every single swipe in your restaurant), all the while dealing with no-call, no-show employees, breaking equipment, lack of time and organization and rushing off to the bank to cover payroll. I get it.

Don’t be defeated: You can have restaurant success too!

I’ve discovered the certain path to restaurant success and profit, with excellence in Leadership; Operations; Financials; Products / Services and Marketing – all focused on PEOPLE!

It took me a decade to build our sophisticated systems, which now I happily share with any restaurateur! Join me right here for the details and get ready for the ride of your restaurant lifetime!

Get connected with the right information for profits in your restaurant today! I’m eager to serve you!


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