Hi! It’s great to meet you!

I’m Misty Young, Chairman of the Board of Squeeze In, a company owned by my family.

In 2004 we bought the first and only Squeeze In restaurant, located in historic downtown Truckee, California. We could see the potential. We built systems and began to build the company. Today, there are 18 locations in the growing portfolio in various stages of construction and development while 10 restaurants are open, serving guests every day from 7am to 2pm.

It’s been quite the journey. I even wrote a five star book, From Rags to Restaurants, about our experience. A serious business book, From Rags to Restaurants has become well regarded among restaurant industry and other professionals.

Check out the media:

Our efforts and company have been featured on The Food Network’s wildly popular show, Throwdown With Bobby Flay and in The New York Times. Twice. We’ve been on Fox Business Video, and Fox Business News, and in Business News Daily, Reno Gazette Journal, Sacramento Bee, USA Today, Vogue, Sweet Process, Forbes and many, many more. Here’s a fun interview with Eric Cacciatore of Restaurant Unstoppable.

Before the Restaurants:

Before we bought and built out the restaurants, in the 1980s, I had the amazing and fun opportunity to serve in politics, helping in the election of Governor Richard Bryan to the US Senate, and working with him as a Constituent Services Representative over the next seven years. That led to an exciting time as Press Secretary to Nevada Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa and then on to Deputy Press Secretary for Governor Bob Miller.

Politics then turned into public relations and I had the incredibly good fortune to work with Stephanie Kruse at KPS|3 as Director of Public Relations and ultimately became a Partner and Vice President of the firm. But then I found my favorite little hippie restaurant was for sale… and, well, you know what happened next!

Retired Life:

It’s been a lot of fun and a supremely fulfilling path. Our amazing daughters and co-owners, Shila Morris and Kay Salerno run the entire restaurant conglomerate, as well as their own personal leadership development and marketing company. “KayAndShi” as they are known, are talented and capable, making this mom super proud. Thanks to these ladies, today, I’m retired from active, day-to-day business and am focused on fitness, learning and growing in new ways.

I study nutrition, physics, metaphysics, biology and spirituality and have a little radio program. The show is called Ocean Mist Power Hour, and broadcasts on KCIW, Curry Coast Community Radio, 100.7 FM in Brookings/Harbor, Oregon. I meet so many great people through this show, it’s a blast.

Living on the Oregon coast allows for tons of great outdoor activities, hiking in the amazing old growth redwoods, biking in beach towns and serving as an appointed staff officer in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. I’m attached to Station Chetco River in Harbor, Oregon. It’s a great group of people and the protection, rescue and homeland security mission of the Coast Guard is important. I like being involved with such diligent, community minded folks.

Gary and I got married in 1979, enjoy our two grown daughters, our fabulous sons in law, four grandchildren, the lights of our lives, and three grand-dogs.

We’re happy, healthy and eager for a long life of gratitude and giving.

Thank you for taking a minute to get to know me!