Success? Business Plan!

Succeed with a Restaurant Business Plan!

You need a restaurant business plan to be successful. Don’t freak out; planning isn’t hard. Keep in mind that successful people have systems and systems require planning. With the answers to the prime question “What does success look like to me?” you’re well on the way, once you can “see” the goal.

A restaurant business plan is a critical tool.

If you’re already in business, business planning might seem unnecessary and you may even be thinking “plan is a four-letter word.” So is hope. Businesses don’t survive on hope, but you can stand on, monitor, adjust, upgrade, follow through, and grow with a plan.

Future by design or default: Your choice!

A restaurant coaching client recently said, “I can’t afford the software and I can’t pay you to develop my plan.” The reality is a business owner is the right person to develop the business plan. It’s your vision for the company. To develop a plan you don’t have to have resources, just resourcefulness.

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers this comprehensive, free tool to write a restaurant business plan. The SBA’s hold-your-hand tool will guide you through eight fill-in sections. You’ll upload your logo or graphic, answer a series of questions, and end up with a solid restaurant business plan. You can start, stop, save and return and, when you’re done, print! You could complete a very basic plan in a day, and continue to flesh it out with greater detail over a couple weeks. Close your office door and get at it!

You don’t have to know how to do everything. You just have to start by taking action.

The Universe loves speed. Ramp up!


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