Squeeze In Franchise FAQ’s

Welcome to the Squeeze In Franchise!

Thank you for your interest in a Squeeze In franchise! Millions of people, and our family have loved this company since 1974! We’re excited and eager to share it with other individuals and families looking for a rock-solid family-friendly breakfast and lunch franchise opportunity.


Our rank ordered values help keep our entire organization, partners, franchisees and all associates focused on serving each other and guests every day. These are the Squeeze In Values:

  1. Do the right thing;
  2. Serve guests and each other with respect and courtesy, in a safe, healthy environment;
  3. Daily improvement – make it better every day;
  4. Understand the value of tribe success through individual success;
  5. Own it and passionately act on it;
  6. Sustainably support the Squeeze In economy, which, in return, supports us all.

Squeeze In corporate and franchise store success starts with our people and “do the right thing.”

Our restaurants and franchisees can only prosper and provide opportunities for continued growth when we improve not only the guest experience, but also the franchisee and associate experience.

We focus on intelligent, systematic franchisee leadership development and associate training and high standards of accountability, for you AND for us.

We attract long-term energetic, engaging and earnest franchisees who practice honesty, integrity and respect for themselves and others.


Q: HOW LONG HAS THE SQUEEZE IN BEEN IN BUSINESS? A: 40 years, the Squeeze In opened in May 1974

The exterior of the original Squeeze In restaurant, located in Truckee California. What's next? Our franchise!
The exterior of the original Squeeze In restaurant, located in Truckee California. What’s next? Our franchise!

Q: IS FOOD SERVICE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY TO BE GRANTED A FRANCHISE? A: No, if you don’t have prior food service experience we can teach you everything you need to know! The important things are you need to enjoy people, be able to follow systems, and have a desire for successful management and leadership growth.

Q: ARE SQUEEZE IN FRANCHISEES REQUIRED TO WORK PERSONALLY IN THE BUSINESS? A: We strongly encourage our franchisees to work full time in the day-to-day operation of the Squeeze In. However, after a period of successful operations day-to-day operations may be delegated to a fully trained manager under your direct supervision who has successfully completed the Squeeze In training program.

Q: WHAT ARE THE OPERATING PROCEDURES OF THE SQUEEZE IN? A. Squeeze In has created a Proprietary and Confidential operating system for both front and back of the house. Our uniform operating procedures are designed to help create an excellent guest, associate and franchisee experience. Our operations are founded in The Five Irrefutable Laws of Restaurant Success, and are grounded in strategy, tactics, accountability and results. Franchisees receive our complete operations platform including the Proprietary Operations Manual; Code of Business Conduct; Position Specific Training Guides; Job Descriptions and more.

Q: HOW DOES SQUEEZE IN TRAIN NEW FRANCHISEES? A. Franchisees must complete the Squeeze In A-Team Training Format, a minimum of 73 hours of on-the-job training and classroom sessions. We provide an initial training program for up to three people (including the franchisee) before you begin operations and ongoing training programs during the term of the franchise. We train you in all aspects of doing business successfully at the Squeeze In, everything from guest and associate relations to leadership; operations; financials; products/services; marketing; inventory; maintenance; marketing; community service; making money and more.

Q: HOW WILL YOU HELP ME INITIALLY? A. In addition to the comprehensive A-Team Training Format, we will assist you in the development phase of your restaurant. We will assist you in site selection using our specific success formula and connect you with our commercial real estate broker. We will deploy our comprehensive Setting Up For Squeeze Success Guide which assists you in planning for initial store design, equipment specifications, food vendors, associate training and management. For your grand opening, we will be personally present for at least a week after opening to help you be Set for Squeeze Success!

Q: IS THERE ONGOING SUPPORT FROM SQUEEZE IN? A. The support and assistance you receive is comprehensive, complete and always evolving to meet new needs. Your support begins the moment you are granted a franchise and continues throughout your business relationship with us. We provide ongoing research, supervision, training, support and continued leadership development. We are available to answer your operations questions and will visit your store to ensure compliance with our method of operation.

Q: CAN I CHANGE THE MENU? A. No. You are required to sell only Squeeze In approved products and approved menu items. Any additional items must be approved by us in writing and must be consistent with Squeeze In quality, food and flavor profile.

Q: WHERE DO I PURCHASE THE FOOD, MERCHANDISE OR OTHER PRODUCTS? A. To ensure quality, consistency, uniformity, and convenience for our franchisees, products are purchased through pre-approved vendors and are all specified in our Setting Up For Squeeze Success Guide and Proprietary Operations Manual.

Q: WILL YOU HELP ME WITH SITE SELECTION? A. We will connect you with a commercial real estate broker who is familiar with Squeeze In and our requirements. You will work with the broker to identify potential sites based on demographics and the Squeeze In site selection profile. Once identified, we will approve your site only if it meets all Squeeze In criteria. Each location may vary based on a number of factors unique to each area. Your broker and Squeeze In Franchising, LLC will help to negotiate your lease. Once all aspects of the lease are satisfactory, you will enter into a lease relationship with the landlord directly, after our approval.

Q: HOW BIG IS A TYPICAL SQUEEZE IN? A. A Squeeze In can range from 1,450 to 2,500 square feet, depending on the demographics and the type of location being leased.

Q: HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO OPEN MY SQUEEZE IN? A. Many factors can affect opening timing, the most important is an appropriate location. On average, it takes four to six months from the date the franchise agreement is signed, or about ninety days after commencement of tenant improvements. We want to see you operating within a maximum of 6 months from the time you sign the franchise agreement.

Q: HOW MUCH IS THE FRANCHISE FEE? A. The franchise fee is Forty Thousand ($40,000) dollars.

Q: WHAT IS THE TERM OF THE FRANCHISE AGREEMENT? A. The term of the franchise agreement is ten (10) years.

Q: WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END OF THE 10-YEAR TERM? A. You may renew the franchise agreement every 5 years, provided that you remain in good standing. There is no renewal franchise fee.

Q: HOW MUCH IS THE CONTINUING ROYALTY AND SERVICES FEE? A. The continuing royalty fee is 6.5% of gross revenues.

Q: HOW MUCH IS THE LOCAL MARKETING FEE? A. Franchisees must spend 2% of their gross sales on local loyalty marketing (the EggHead Breakfast Club). This is not paid to the Squeeze In.

Q: HOW MUCH IS THE SYSTEM MARKETING FEE? A. The marketing fee is 1% of gross sales.

Q: WHAT IS THE INVESTMENT REQUIRED TO OPEN A SQUEEZE IN? A. The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Squeeze In franchise will range from $198,800 to $365,500. This includes the initial franchisee fee of $40,000. We recommend you have a minimum net worth of at least $400,000 and minimum liquid cash of $100,000. These amounts may vary according to your credit score and other variables unique to your own situation.

Q: I AM VERY INTERESTED. WHAT IS MY NEXT STEP? A. Please complete and submit the online Request for Information Form. A representative of Squeeze In will contact you promptly.


The Squeeze In opened in Historic Downtown Truckee, California, north of Lake Tahoe, in May 1974. The tiny breakfast and lunch restaurant, with just 12 tables, seating 49 guests and specializing in omelettes, sandwiches and soups has kept the same hours, 7am to 2pm, 7 days a week since inception.

Gary and Misty Young took over ownership of the Squeeze In on January 1, 2004.

Once the Youngs acquired the original single location in Truckee, revenues immediately saw a healthy and steady incline, and guest counts also increased substantially. During the first two years, the Youngs worked both IN the restaurant and ON the restaurant, building the business through the focused and strategic development of people, systems and efficiencies. Development happened in all areas: front and back of the house – as well as administrative and executive functions.

In 2007, in preparation for expansion, the Youngs brought on partners, Shila and Chad Morris, their daughter and son-in-law, who had been working in the family business while attending college. Co-owners, Mr. and Mrs. Morris are now the managing partners of all Squeeze In family-owned restaurants, as well as the family’s management company. Shila serves as company president and CEO and Chad is vice president of operations.

The Northwest Reno Nevada Squeeze In. What's next? Our franchise!
The Northwest Reno Nevada Squeeze In. What’s next? Our franchise!

The family opened the second location of the Squeeze In on February 1, 2008, in northwest Reno, Nevada. About a year after opening, Misty received a telephone inquiry from a Food Network producer. A year later the Squeeze In family was filming a surprise episode of the popular Food Network show Throwdown! with Bobby Flay. The Throwdown premiered in March 2010 and catapulted the business forward yet again – revenues leapt by 25% literally the very next morning, which helped the company grow. The Throwdown episode remains in syndication on television and is also on YouTube. We do fun stuff like create parody videos, take a look at our take on Gangnam Style.

Several months after the Throwdown! with Bobby Flay aired, the Squeeze entered a contract to build out the third location, which opened on April 1, 2011. “Squeeze 3,” as it is affectionately known, is located in south Reno Nevada. Our largest facility, it has the ability to serve almost 700 guests in a single 7 hour operating day. However, it was clear to us the size of the restaurant did not lend itself well to efficiency and function. When we opened our fourth location in August 2012, in Sparks, Nevada, we returned to a design reminiscent of the original Truckee location, long and skinny, as we like to say, “a hallway with tables.”

The Sparks design has become the preferred footprint for future growth of the Squeeze In. We are currently designing and modeling the Squeeze franchise prototype in the Redwood City, California market. Our final family owned location, the Redwood City prototype location is slated to open in fall, 2014. This model is the perfectly efficient footprint for all franchise operations as we continue to grow the company, the brand and the franchise family. We’ve dialed in every aspect of the business from guest service to recipes, to administration and marketing and physical plant layout and function to assure the highest likelihood of success and profitability for our franchise brand partners.

Excellent franchise model!
Squeeze In co-owner Gary Young at our Redwood City family location. This location is a great franchise model.

The future of the company looks bright. With a strong and committed focus on The Five Irrefutable Laws of Restaurant Success including leadership; operations; financials; products/services; and marketing, the company is poised for continued professional growth and massive expansion and profitability.


Our Franchise Mission: To exceed franchisee expectations in partnership with outstanding people, through great-tasting, high-quality products and merchandise, excellent service and accountability, while providing strong returns to all stakeholders.

Our Store Mission: The Squeeze In delivers an extraordinary guest and associate experience through consistently-prepared fresh, high-quality food served in a safe, clean, fun environment with a focus on genuine guest service and community involvement.


Squeeze In restaurants have appeared in the media in numerous publications, newspapers, magazines, blogs, reviews, including The New York Times, Fox Business News, Business News Daily, The Wall Street Journal, Reno Gazette Journal, Via, Sunset and Powder Magazines and many, many others.


Squeeze In's signature omelette: the Racy Tracy. What's next? Our franchise!
Squeeze In’s signature omelette: the Racy Tracy. What’s next? Our franchise!

The Squeeze In menu is extensive! We’re known for the “Best Omelettes on the Planet!”® but we’ve also got a huge selection of the usual breakfast dishes like Eggs Benedict, bacon and eggs, pancakes, french toast, and biscuits and gravy. We also offer a large offering for lunch including sandwiches, soups, burgers, salads and burritos.


The original location is located in historic downtown Truckee California. The next to open was in northwest Reno Nevada. Then came the south Reno location. The fourth location is in Sparks Nevada, the fifth and final family owned Squeeze In will open in Redwood City, California in fall 2014.


We’d love to visit with you and explore your ideas more fully. Please feel free to reach out to Squeeze In Franchising, LLC, Board Chair, Misty Young, via email misty@squeezein.com, by calling or texting to 530-305-3599.

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