Restaurant Service

Restaurant Service and Products can make or break you.

“While we can’t mandate personality we absolutely, positively, can mandate behavior, and we do,” ~ Misty Young, From Rags To Restaurants: The Secret Recipe

The successful restaurateur doesn’t think “me” first but “we” first. Your well-trained associates are your face to your guests, vendors, and community. Replicating yourself successfully is worth every moment it takes to make it happen. Consistency is critical. Courtesy is critical. Great food and restaurant service, critical.

According to law #4, the law of products/services, our products must be reliable and we must diligently serve our guests and associates with courtesy, appreciation, respect, and kindness.

Restaurant products and service are just one key to success. When we bought the Squeeze In, I kept saying that the most important thing was the guest, the guest, the guest. I hammered all the time on the guest, and of course, the guest is the most important thing, right? Not so.

Happy associates make happy guests!

Successful restaurateurs realize the value of happy associates to create a happy guest experience. The triangle of strength is: well-trained, happy associates; thrilled guests; safe, clean, healthy restaurant. Each side of the triangle needs the others to be balanced and stable.

One part weak or missing and the whole thing faces collapse.


It’s easy to see the importance of the three sides being equally strong.

Ask better questions to get better answers.

For years, I worked on processes, systems, and efficiencies all day and then worked on them all night. I kept a notebook and pen by my bed (until the iPhone came out). I would get up in the middle of the night and write ideas, and I was always focused on how we could make it better. Every day I asked, how we could make it better—always asking and answering questions.

Constant improvement in restaurant service!

Your goal should be to constantly work at improving operations in these three key areas of restaurant strength — getting to the sweet spot of well trained happy associates, a safe, clean, healthy restaurant and products and thus, thrill your guests!

To great restaurant service!


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