Restaurant Profit by Dumpster Diving

Restaurant Profit

Our goal of restaurant profit requires owners to efficiently serve guests, associates, communities and, ultimately, our families. How far will you go to assure profitability? Will you dumpster dive?

Through dumpster diving — or bus tray surveys — you’ll find waste, spoilage, sometimes theft and even evidence of improper portion control.

The guests benefit when you look at the trash. On several bus tray surveys in our collection of breakfast restaurants, we noticed a great deal of uneaten toast. Our omelettes had been served with two slices of expensive honey wheatberry toast, cut into four triangles. We found tons of toast in the trash — and made a fast adjustment. Toast in the trash cuts into restaurant profit!

We began to serve only one slice of toast per omelette — sliced into two triangles. An upside? We made toast bottomless. Now, carb limiters get what they want and carb eaters do too. And less bread being is used overall! Now every guest has as little or as much as they like and waste was substantially reduced! That’s a smart approach to restaurant profit!

restaurant profit
We serve bottomless toast at Squeeze In

Focus on efficiency and restaurant profit

The lesson is — we may not have realized this without a dumpster diving survey. We stayed focused on efficiency and restaurant profit. Ultimately, better restaurant profit results in better operations. With higher restaurant profit, you can offer better job security and higher quality to your guests! Take a dumpster dive!

What other small things could you think of to survey in your trash? Lemons? Sauces? Poorly trimmed meats or vegetables? Bread heels that could be made into homemade croutons? When it comes to restaurant profit, you’ve got to get creative. This is a low margin business, you’ve got to create every edge possible.

Don’t be afraid to dig through the trash to figure out how to become even more efficient. Your restaurant profitability depends on your diligence in every aspect of your operation. Need help? Get expert advice and restaurant profit systems from

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