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In the News web links: FoxBusiness.Com New York Times Business News Daily Shila Morris on KTVN More!–The-making-of-Squeeze-In-s–Harlem-Shake–in-Reno… Continue Reading

Squeeze In Franchise FAQ’s

Welcome to the Squeeze In Franchise! Thank you for your interest in a Squeeze In franchise! Millions of people, and our family have loved this company since 1974! We’re excited and eager to share it with other individuals and families looking for a rock-solid family-friendly breakfast and lunch franchise opportunity. OUR WAY OF DOING BUSINESS:… Continue Reading

8 lucky winners

8 lucky winners will get to be part of the Squeeze In Taste and Tweet panel, coming up in a couple weeks! If you want in, send an email to me by June 19 at mistyyoung at me dot com answering these questions: Are you an EggHead? Are you a breakfast person or a lunch person?… Continue Reading

Restaurant Success Giveaway!

Are you a restaurant owner looking to earn more profits and have more success? Enter my Restaurant Success Giveaway for a chance to win a marketing makeover OR a 1 hour phone consultation with me! I am happy to have done the footwork, studying vast amounts of material, which I now share with my clients… Continue Reading

How to replace a habit

Everyone has habits. It’s those small daily habits that determine where we end up in life.  If we can just gain control of some of our small daily activities, then ALL of our results will change. We have good habits and we have bad habits. You might not even classify some of your actions as… Continue Reading

Training restaurant employees

When training restaurant employees: Set The Expectation If you’ve had the good fortune of attending any presentation by legendary marketer, Bill Glazer, you’ve left a better marketer and restaurant operator than you began. In a recent presentation I attended, Bill told a story about how he had analyzed the service steps in his menswear business to… Continue Reading

Restaurant Success: Reflect and Plan

Did Mother’s Day deliver your vision of restaurant success? If it did, that’s great! If it didn’t you have a super opportunity to step back, review what worked and what could be done better. I call it a “Reflect and Plan” restaurant success moment. As usual, I might suggest that you start with a series of… Continue Reading

Better Words For Guest Service

If you’re looking to improve your restaurant’s guest service, here are three words or phrases you could teach every associate to use with every single guest: Absolutely! My Pleasure! Thank you! Guest Service Counts! As independent restaurateurs, our businesses exist for guest service and we do it in cooperation with our associates.  What better thing could… Continue Reading

Restaurant Business Plan

You need a restaurant business plan to be successful. Don’t let that freak you out, it’s not so hard. Keep in mind that successful people have systems and systems require planning. A restaurant business plan isn’t a hope, it’s a plan! I know developing a restaurant business plan can seem kind of scary. Plan itself is even… Continue Reading

Restaurant Profit by Dumpster Diving

Restaurant Profit Our goal of restaurant profit requires owners to efficiently serve guests, associates, communities and, ultimately, our families. How far will you go to assure profitability? Will you dumpster dive? Through dumpster diving — or bus tray surveys — you’ll find waste, spoilage, sometimes theft and even evidence of improper portion control. The guests benefit when you look at… Continue Reading