Restaurant Newsletter

We’ve had a monthly restaurant newsletter since 2009 at my restaurant, the Squeeze In!

A restaurant newsletter is an important marketing communications tool sent to the members of our EggHead Nation (that’s what we call the nearly 70,000 members of our restaurant loyalty marketing program!

Regular monthly communication via our restaurant newsletter sets us apart from every other competitor in the regional market. In addition to the monthly print version, which is physically mailed to a segment of our database, it is emailed to all eligible households. Restaurant Newsletter

The newsletter is designed to be folksy, informative, useful, fun and offer a promotion or deal to the members of our EggHead Breakfast Club, powered by Royalty Rewards, one of the premier loyalty marketing companies in North America.

Always a four page restaurant newsletter, printed on yellow or other light colored paper, it’s an 11×17 paper, printed on both sides and folded over twice. Our guests have told us often how much they love to receive and look forward to our restaurant newsletter!

Feel free to view our restaurant newsletter, the EggHead EggZaminer on the archives site at the Squeeze In.



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