Restaurant Loyalty Marketing

Get a FREE $5,000 restaurant loyalty marketing jumpstart!

As a long time client of — and now an agent — for Royalty Rewards, my clients get a $5,000 Marketing Jump Start for FREE! Reward based restaurant loyalty marketing is expected by today’s sophisticated consumers.

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Restaurant Loyalty Marketing
Get a FREE $5,000, 90-day marketing jumpstart!

I’ve got nearly 70,000 individual members in my in house database. These opt-in members have helped my company grow from one to four locations — and beyond!

You’re In Charge!

My restaurants are not beholden to traditional old-school, outdated, antiquated, ineffective marketing and institutional advertising. We reach out to our guests with offers, promotions and communications, keeping them informed, happy and current on what we’ve got going on in the restaurant. Because they have opted in to our restaurant loyalty marketing program, we’ve become a welcome guest, not an annoying pest in their lives!

Why pay for advertising?

Why pay for advertising you can’t measure, confirm or track? That’s not a recipe for restaurant success. With a strong, proven and effective restaurant loyalty marketing program on your side, you’re setting yourself, your family, associates and community up for success.

We’ve tracked $5,700,000 in sales!

Your FREE 90-day restaurant loyalty marketing trial will allow you to test this comprehensive and easy to use restaurant loyalty marketing program, which has helped my restaurant, the Squeeze In track $5.7million in sales.

Secret Shoppers PAY YOU!

The system demonstrates the ROI of every promotion and offer we’ve done. We know how often our guests dine with us, what days of the week they come in, how much they spend. And — we use Royalty Rewards’ daily survey to get feedback for training and improvement every single day. That’s like having a whole team of secret shoppers — but they pay you!

You owe it to yourself

You owe it to yourself, your family, associates and guests to get started in restaurant loyalty marketing today. Why keep wasting time with ad sales people? Do ad sales people guarantee results? Royalty Rewards does!

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