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Restaurant Coaching

Certified John Maxwell Team Member and Restaurant Coaching expert!

Not only have I worked for years in and on the restaurant, I’m a certified member of the John Maxwell Team.

Certified Member, John Maxwell Team
Certified Member, John Maxwell Team

I have studied under John Maxwell, the world’s most recognized leadership expert, and his executive staff to develop leadership, restaurant coaching, speaking and training skills. I’m an analyst by nature and a systems designer at heart. All that comes together nicely for successful, results oriented restaurant coaching. It would be one thing to learn about it, but I do it, AND I own a growing collection of successful restaurants.

I’m thankful to be able to come alongside you and add value to you in your life and your business. I love restaurant coaching and helping restaurant owners find the success they’re seeking. You know how hard you work, I’ve done exactly the same.

I used to work in the restaurant too. It’s hard work. Now I’m a restaurant coaching expert exclusively.

I know a sure path to success, you don’t have to try to figure it out on your own! My clients do an assessment, get assignments and are held accountable. With weekly phone conferences, worksheets, email, required reading and activities, they’re busy working ON the restaurants while they slow down their day to day working IN their restaurants.

My Restaurant Reboot program is the perfect restaurant coaching for the owner who’s ready to move into a higher level of leadership in their business. To spend more time with their family or in the community, or, heck, just to get a bit more sleep!

I love helping. Connect with me right now and let’s get cracking on your success, it’s easier than you think and I’m ready to help you with your accountability!



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