Restaurant Business Plan

restaurant business planYou need a restaurant business plan to be successful. Don’t let that freak you out, it’s not so hard. Keep in mind that successful people have systems and systems require planning.

A restaurant business plan isn’t a hope, it’s a plan!

I know developing a restaurant business plan can seem kind of scary. Plan itself is even a four-letter word, but so is hope. And businesses don’t survive on hope.

A client recently said, “I can’t afford the software and I can’t pay you to develop my restaurant business plan.” The reality is, the restaurant owner is the right person to develop the restaurant business plan, it’s YOUR vision for the restaurant.

Get the free tool:

And, you don’t have to have resources, just resourcefulness to develop a plan. The United States Small Business Administration offers a comprehensive FREE tool to write a business plan! Here is the link to the totally free tool. You have to create a free account, that’s it!

The SBA’s hold-your-hand tool walks you through eight sections, you’ll upload your logo or graphic, and answer a series of questions and end up with a business plan. You can start and stop, save and return. The SBA “Build Your Business Plan” tool is a great way the SBA is providing service to small businesses! You could complete your plan in a day. Close your office door and get at it!

You’re still reading? Get over to the SBA and get your plan on paper!
Not your style, need more help? My coaching clients get expert, one on one coaching and mentoring to build their restaurant business plan and the profitable restaurant of their dreams. It’s your dream, your business, your vision. I can help you get it right the first time or set it right after the course of time!

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