Squeeze In
From Rags To Restaurants

From Rags To Restaurants

My Story: From Rags To Restaurants …

Years ago, I was on Food Stamps and the WIC program, stood in line for government commodities and lived in a shabby house near the train tracks. I worked my way through college with two kids, a hubby and not much money. The family ate lots of Top Ramen, hot dogs and cereal. I got by on grants, loans, scholarships and a 30 hour a week job, while going to college full time, as an “older student,” graduating at age 30.

It was all worth it.

After college, I made my way through the professional world, politics, advertising and public relations and became a partner and vice president of a marketing agency. It was awesome, but I wasn’t in love with it.

In 2003, after a totally random chance meeting of the owner of my all time favorite restaurant, the Squeeze In, my husband, Gary, and I, leveraged everything we could and bought what I call the “cutest little hippie restaurant” in the mountains north of Lake Tahoe, California.

At 10 feet, three inches wide and 62 feet deep, with 12 tables and 49 chairs, our guests literally had to “Squeeze In” to the tiny place. Over the next several years, I worked just like you do: nights, weekends and holidays — day and night to get everything done. It was grueling. I waited tables, cooked, counted the drawer and cleaned bathrooms by day and worked on building systems by night. Ultimately, we thrilled our guests with great products and services and built killer operating systems. Our marketing system is second to none and has helped us grow and profit.

It’s all paid off. I now have four Squeeze In locations, a fifth on the way.

After a few years, I wasn’t working IN the restaurant at all, I was only working ON the restaurants. I uncovered the secrets to ultimate restaurant profitability and created The Five Irrefutable Laws of Restaurant Success. I’ve successfully used The Five Laws to grow my company from one location to four and more. From gross sales of $548,000 to over $4.2 million per year. 

For me, it was all about spending more time with my family and doing the things I wanted to do, not slaving over a hot stove.

I’m happy to have done the footwork, studying vast amounts of material, which I now share with my clients, helping them get off the floor and out of the kitchen, helping them implement systems and accountability to MAKE MONEY! What are you waiting for!

I look forward to being with you as you grow yourself, your ability and your bank account! I did it, so can you!


Squeeze In
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