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Free Restaurant Resources

These free restaurant resources (some are subscriptions or paid consultants) can help you get profitable fast. You’ll also find a collection of other consultants, informative media and enough information to help you attract success, happiness, wealth and prosperity now. Why wait? Use these free restaurant resources now and get going!

Royalty Rewards, Rory Fatt. Rory’s company boasts North America’s Most Comprehensive and Professionally Delivered Marketing Program That Automatically Delivers a Flood of Customers to Your Door Everyday … Guaranteed!! Attend a detailed webinar presentation here! I know it’s true because Royalty Rewards has helped me build my business from ONE to FOUR locations in three short years. With Royalty Rewards, we’ve built a database of over 70,000 individuals and we communicate with them constantly. Royalty Rewards offers a $5,000 Marketing Jumpstart for FREE! You’ve got to do that one, it pays off FAST for your business.

RestaurantOwner.com, Jim Laube and Joe Erickson. This amazing repository of information helped me build complex operations guides, training manuals, systems and checklists from scratch. Why re-create the wheel? When you can pump up the tired! Become a member of RestaurantOwner.com today!

The CFO Group, Tanya McCaffery. Where do I even start?! The CFO Group helped us bring our financials to what I call “institutional level financials.” From ultra professional, knowledgable consulting to month end financial preparation, completely rebuilding our financial reporting system, chart of accounts, taxation representation, tax accounting and prep, even corporate residency and maintenance. This firm is hands down, the best I’ve ever encountered. Check out their VAST (Virtual Accounting Services Team) Program which allows independents to level the playing field in the digital age. Awesome!

I may not be the right fit as a coach or consultant for you, that’s okay! Here are some other restaurant coaches and consultants you could do business with:

Phyllis Ann Marshall at FoodPower.com. Phyllis Ann is smart, savvy, relevant and known as a results oriented professional and loved coast to coast by a vast array of clients. Visit her website, or, reach out to her directly: 949.646.3206, pamarshall@foodpower.com, 2463 Irvine Avenue E1, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 and on Twitter.com/foodpower

David Scott Peters, The Restaurant Expert. If you need a turn key systems support and don’t have time to develop them yourself, David’s your guy. He’s brilliant, energetic and has helped me save tens of thousands of dollars through strategic action. You can reach him by phone at: 1-877-45-SMART (457-6278). Be sure to take him up on his offer for a free special report, you’ll get back 100 pages of immediately actionable items to make more money in your restaurant right away.

I like the way Jeffrey Summers at Summers Hospitality Group doesn’t mince words, he just tells it like it is. His website is a virtual independent restaurant resource vault, you’ll be glad you stopped by! You can reach Jeffrey directly at LetsTalk@SHGWW.com or via phone at 888.998.8744. Jeffrey guarantees his services, now THAT’S confidence!

What I love about Joe Welsh at CORE Restaurant Coaching is his kindness and courtesy. He’s good people, and frankly, he’s unassumingly BRILLIANT. CORE Restaurant Marketing is about helping you improve your revenues from both the top and the bottom lines. They help identify the three core concerns of restaurant owners: getting the menu right, improving the guest experience, and getting people in the door.

Some free restaurant resources and websites I particularly like to follow:

Free Restaurant Resources
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Insight, consulting, trends: Technomic

Hard to beat Nation’s Restaurant News for the skinny on our industry

I love Independent Restaurateur Magazine for their focus on the backbone of the restaurant industry: independents!

Restaurant Hospitality is a super magazine and informative website

Restaurant Startup & Growth Magazine, the official magazine of RestaurantOwner.com, good stuff!

US Small Business Administration, the SBA has really been making huge progress to change from bureaucracy to business assistance! Sign up for their email list and get regular, useful tips.

Bookmark this page, I’ll be updating it regularly with more information and free restaurant resources!

Ready? Set! Action! I hope you’ll use these free restaurant resources to jumpstart your success!


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