Better Words For Guest Service

If you’re looking to improve your restaurant’s guest service, here are three words or phrases you could teach every associate to use with every single guest:

Absolutely! My Pleasure! Thank you!

Guest Service, 3 words!

Guest Service Counts!

As independent restaurateurs, our businesses exist for guest service and we do it in cooperation with our associates.  What better thing could we do than to intentionally incorporate kindness and courtesy into our guest service?

What does the guest want? Food and cleanliness, health and safety, of course. Kindness, attentive guest service, and courtesy round out the list. Teaching our associates to understand the guest helps us set up a long term relationship. We don’t want the kind of guest service that results in a one off transaction. Great guest service is designed to end up with a lifetime guest!

Strengthen Bonds through Guest Service!

Every time an associate can say absolutely to a guest, meeting the need in the moment, the bond strengthens. Absolutely! Every time we can say absolutely to an associate, it strengthens THAT relationship too. Remember, we serve our guests in cooperation with our associates. Our goal is to serve with intention.

Instead of “no problem” or “no worries” or “sure” in response to a guest request, how about, “my pleasure!”  For a guest to hear “my pleasure” instead of the insinuation they are imposing with a “no worries” type response, the guest feels more valued.

Kindness and Respect Matter!

The guest has been treated with respect and kindness. The owner sets the intention to serve with pleasure and instructs associates in this important approach. My pleasure to serve. My pleasure to assist you. My pleasure to be part of your day. Serve intentionally with pleasure.

Thank you is pleasing, kind and recognizes the exchange of energy, food and money from willing parties. When you and your associates say thank you to the guest, it means: Thank you for supporting our local, independent restaurant. Thank you for helping me provide an income to my associates. Thank you for helping me support my family. Thank you for being part of this community.

The guest doesn’t owe us anything. We owe the guest: We owe them absolute kindness, served with pleasure and thanks! Can we teach our associates to help us say so? Absolutely!


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